Heros - a monthly Skintight Fetish night for men

Location: Backstreet Club, Wentworth Mews, Mile End, London

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January 2015

Firstly let me start by apologising that I've not been on top of keeping the website up-to-date recently - various issues have been in the way, and this took a bit of a back seat.

"Welcome to 2015" hope everyone had a good end to 2014; and I guess for most, the New Years Resolutions have been broken already ... ... ... I chose not to buy more Lycra, but that failed!

Heros January 2015 started very well, especially considering it was the first event of the year at The Backstreet. It was a night that busy with many people in varying forms of Skin-Tight gear. Some new-comers also attented, which is great to hear. Hopefully word will keep on spreading and the nights will keep getting busier.

I've been asked a couple of times by email if people can stay beyond the end of Heros - the answer is "Yes you can, but ..." you will need to change into attire that matches the next events dress code.
Currently, the event that follows after Heros is the Regular BackStreet: Saturday (10pm to 3am), Dress code: leather and/or rubber, Entry free for members before 10.45pm, £4.00 after; £7.00 for non-members; free all night for those wearing only rubber. Check The Backstreet Club website for full details.
I guess for some who come in Rubber to Heros, they have an easy transition into the next event ... for the rest of us, it's either change outfit to suit, or it's the end of a fun night.

So I shall finish this summary by saying - Here's to 12 (11 now to be precise) Great, Skin-Tight nights of 2015 at Club Heros... "Cheers!"

P.S. If any of you readers want to help by contributing reviews of your visit to Heros, then please do get in touch by email... Equally, if you have any questions, drop an email, and I shall respond ASAP (If I know the answer)