Heros - a monthly Skintight Fetish night for men

Location: Backstreet Club, Wentworth Mews, Mile End, London

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October 2014

This month seemed a bit quieter than normal, which was a shame ... but it didn't dampen the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to have fun and have a good laugh, and seemed to catch up with those they hadn't seen for a while.

Main news this month ... finally, a handful of images have been uploaded of what the club looks like (all-be-it under flash lighting, so it shows up for the camera ...) - there are a few more images available with people in them, but permission might need to be sought for their use - and for those not wanting to appear in the pictures, then we'll make sure the faces are blured out to preserve identity

November date is the 1st ... so don't forget it

One other bit of random news to go with this month .... it's been a year with the new look website - does anyone have any comments that they may wish to put forward to see on the site?

August 2014

It's been a while since the news has been updated - apologies for this.

The last few months with Heros on the Saturday hasn't caused too much confusion, and doesn't seem to have had a negative effect on numbers attending

There hasn't been much other major things occuring for Heros, aside from a new poster / advert being produced, which ended up in the QX magazine during the time of London LGBT Pride

May 2014

As from May, Heros now has a new date ...
1st SATURDAY of each month
This May saw the first new Heros on a Saturday, which was well attended, considering it was the new date, and considering it was a Bank Holiday.

There was a few confused people that attended thinking it was a different event, but at the door they were asked if they wanted to be kitted out in Lycra and stay the night, and to my knowlage, most people agreed - which was nice to know.

The one big change aside from the date, was that Heros now has a difinative ending, and the 'domestic lighting' comes on 10 mins or so before the end to allow people to leave and change. In the past Heros attendees were welcome to stay on into the night, but it has now changed to finish at 10pm

All in all, the change of day of the week hasn't affected the number of attendees.

Lets hope that this carries on

See you all in June

April 2014

April saw the last Heros that will be held on a Sunday ... As from May, Heros now has a new date ...
1st SATURDAY of each month
April saw a very busy month at Heros and had quite a buzz about it which is great to see.
So, ammend your diay to be 1st SATURDAY of the month to be Heros - same times, same location - just a new day of the week.

March 2014

This month was another busy one, all-be-it a bit of a slow start, but quickly picked up to having another lot of new faces all chatting and socialising.
We also had a good few regulars there, and this also included a couple of people who have been coming to Heros for a number of years, but can't be there every month due to other commitments.

John also made a visit too, and is looking better each time we see him.

Don't forget, we have a Twitter account, and you can see it (and follow it and/or message us) with the following .

February 2014

Both January and February Heros was pleasently busy with men clad in skintight clothing (and playful pups on the floor); and there were quite a new faces there, which is fantastic. Let's keep 2014 a busy years for Heros!

This month some pictures were taken, prior to anyone arriving; so once they have been edited, they will be uploaded to the gallery page so that you can see what the club looks like inside (if you've never been).
Some archive photos from previous years Heros have been offered, so some of those may be uploaded soon too.

John (the owner of The Backstreet Club) came down on Sunday to enjoy the evening, and he is looking very well, and seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere around him. It was nice to see him there, and to know he is safe and well.